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Coming Soon

The Advanced Refrigeration Podcast is excited to announce a diverse range of upcoming training webinars designed to enhance your HVACR skills. Our expert-led sessions will cover topics like "Intro to CO2" and "Advanced Transcritical CO2," delving into the complexities of these cutting-edge systems. For practical applications, we're offering "Transcritical CO2 Start-ups" and "Basic Case Diagnostics," perfect for hands-on technicians. Advanced learners can benefit from "Advanced Case Diagnostics" and learn the nuances of programming various Energy Management Systems. Our "Advanced EMS Programming" webinar will provide in-depth knowledge for those looking to master these systems. Stay tuned for many more innovative training opportunities to come!


Training Made By Techs For Techs 

We're dedicated to providing the most relevant and impactful refrigeration and HVAC training programs at the Advanced Refrigeration Podcast. We value your input and invite you to share your ideas for new training topics. Are you interested in specific aspects of commercial refrigeration, advanced HVAC technologies, or energy management systems? Perhaps you're looking for in-depth tutorials on CO2 refrigeration systems, case diagnostics, or EMS programming. Let us know what training programs you'd like to see next. Your suggestions will help us tailor our content to better suit your educational needs and professional growth in the HVACR industry.

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