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2021 Top 40 Under 40 HVACR Professionals

Kevin and Brett were both selected to be featured 

Kevin Compass

Brett Wetzel

Full 40 Under 40 list

AHCR NEWS 40 Under 40
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The Advanced Refrigeration Podcast has gained notable recognition, featuring hosts Kevin and Brett, who were honored among the 2021 Top 40 Under 40 HVACR Professionals. The podcast has been highlighted in various platforms, sharing expertise globally. Appearances include CoolSys, discussing refrigeration knowledge, YouTube live streams on HVACR topics, and special guest appearances on other notable HVACR-related shows​​.

  1. "Commercial Refrigeration & Ever Changing Refrigerants": Brett Wetzel from the Advanced Refrigeration Podcast and Cooler Heads Podcast discussed commercial and industrial refrigeration, focusing on the evolution of refrigerants​​.

  2. "Saturday Night with Advanced Refrigeration Podcast Co-Host Brett Wetzel": In this session, Brett Wetzel joined HughesMan HVAC, offering insights into the HVACR field, showcasing his role as an influential figure in the industry​​.

  3. "Live Conversation about Refrigeration Education & Training": Wetzel engaged in a detailed discussion about education and training in the refrigeration sector, highlighting his expertise and dedication as an educator in the field​​.

  4. "HVAC Uncensored & Brett Wetzel Talk Mental Health": On the HVAC Uncensored Podcast, Brett Wetzel co-hosted an episode, delving into the crucial topic of mental health in the HVAC industry, reflecting his diverse interests and concerns within the profession​​.

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